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If you've been this way before you may remember that five years ago in 2008 I blogged every day for a year, from Resolutions on 1st January to Remembering 2008 on the 31st December (which summarised some of the highlights of the year).

I also said at the end of it that I wasn't going to continue in 2009 but would go back to occasional blogging, which is what I've done since.

Part of my reason for that, I think now, was a feeling that I was largely talking to myself1.

But this week a chance comment added to one of the postings I made that year made me start reading the 2008 posts again and now I realise the truth of it: I was writing for the right person, me. When I read the posts now I'm being reminded of things I'd simply forgotten about, both the good and the bad. And even where I do remember things the blog is reminding me of details I've forgotten.

At New Year I was vaguely thinking of trying this again in 2013 but didn't in the end. Now I've changed my mind and I'm going to give it a go. Whether anyone's reading it or not I don't much care as I now know who my target readership is: it's the future me ...

  1. Although I know a few people did follow me, Simon and Jen in particular added comments several times and I know I had some lurkers.

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