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Five Years On


I've already talked about why I'm blogging again but it's interesting as I re-read 2008 to see what's changed and what lessons I can learn.

For a start it should be easier this time when I'm away as I'm much more connected than I was then when I was relying on my Nokia 770 for taking notes and my Sony K800i for Internet connectivity. Now I've got an Android Motorola Defy phone and a Nexus 7 tablet so it's a lot easier (except for photos: that K800i did have a great little camera: a lot better than the Defy).

My other conclusion, as I re-read 2008, is how badly hyperlinks rot. A lot of the external links are broken now (including some to my own sites!). I've also learned the lesson to never embed images from other people's web sites: if you are going to use one, and it's legal to do so, then copy it onto your own site otherwise it too may disappear due to link rot.

But there are still a lot of articles from 2008 with links to good stuff in. This one in particular took my breath away as I watched it again, it's Fifty People, One Question.

Tags: blogging Written 05/02/13

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