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How (not) to Clean Your Phone


Nokia 105 You may remember me mentioning that I have two phones now: an HTC Desire HD for taking photos and being a smart phone and a Nokia 100 (a very basic GPRS phone) as an actual phone. Well, a couple of days ago I was putting a wash on and, at the last minute, decided to add to the wash the shorts I had on.

So I emptied the pockets and stuffed it in with everything else. I did notice the machine making some slightly clunky noises while the wash proceeded but I thought it was a bit late to do anything by then: whatever was in there either survived or it didn't.

Well, the good news is that what I'd left in the pockets was my £20 Nokia 100 not my HTC Desire HD. The bad news was that it didn't.

Not to worry though. Nokia now sell a Nokia 105 with an even better standby time1 (up to one month allegedly) and it uses the same battery as the Nokia 100 so I ordered one from an eBay trader for £18.99 and it's due tomorrow, just in time for my next sailing trip (weather permitting).

  1. Talking of long battery life I must admit I'm very tempted by the Nokia Asha 501, but that's not available in the UK for a few weeks yet. Maybe next time.

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