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So today's cycle ride back from Emmaus Cambridge was made slightly more exciting than necessary by the idiot in the little silver hatchback who couldn't wait for me to clear the chicane on the road south of Emmaus so came through before the road had straightened ... which would have been fine had they not then cut the corner so cutting me up.

Unusually I had my helmet cam on which not only recorded the incident but also my thoughts on the driver involved. I was not polite.

What's annoying is that there was room for them to overtake if they'd used the full width of the road, as you can see, but they chose to pull back over and hence cut me up.

The moral is that next time I shall take a more positive road position through that short section so there's no way a car can even consider overtaking me until I'm fully clear of the chicane.

Oh, and running it through full size I can pick out the reg plate as SH58 XZR, not that anyone will care.

Written 07/10/13

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