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Bye Bye Driving Licence


Yesterday I had four simple partial seizures. The first in bed, the second in the kitchen while having breakfast1, and the third and fourth at about 11:45 and 19:45, both in my study2. This is the first time I've had any since the three on 12th August 2008.

The bad news is that it means I've got to surrender my driving licence. The good news is that I get a free bus pass3, again.

To be honest the latter is probably more use to me than the former given my lifestyle in that I seldom drive any distance now. Locally I walk, cycle or use the aforementioned bus and for any distance if we're together Beth drives and if I'd on my own I go on the train using my trusty Disabled Railcard4 ... or simply don't go.

As for why this has happened now I've no idea but this isn't unusual for people like me with fairly well controlled epilepsy. I'm off to see my GP later for a chat but I suspect he won't want to do much to change my current drug regime.

  1. A quick dive to the floor for that one as falling off the stool onto the hard tiles if it had turned into a full blown tonic would not have been good.
  2. Again, both resulting in me leaping out of my chair onto the carpet: too many hard corners in there.
  3. Poor timing mind you, given that I only got my Stagecoach Smart card last week.
  4. One third off, and at any time, not just off peak. An excellent thing to have.

Tags: health, trains Written 03/12/14

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