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As you'll know if you use Siri, or "OK Google" or "Hey Alexa" the speech to text software out there just gets better and better. Here's an example. The other day we got a voicemail message at WalkLakes which our Vonage VoIP line picked up and then Vonage emailed to me as a WAV file complete with their guess at what was being said.

Compare the two:1

I wonder if somebody could call me back on my mobile which is 07831[deleted]. My name is Ron Hicks. I'm trying to buy for a pound. The PDF version of some of your walks some(?) ... on your website and I can't find any much(?) ... by(?) the thing(?). Maybe I'm being stupid but when I click on the read(?) ... said(?) by walking PDF format. It just comes up with an explanatory note of why you're selling it for a pound. So I don't know quite how to do it. If you need to. Oh maybe I need to log in. Yeah I'll try that. Anyway just give me a ring back when you get a minute thanks very much indeed. Thanks bye.

It's pretty much perfect. They've even dropped all the "errrs" and "ummms" on the floor correctly.

Impressive huh?

  1. I've removed the last six digits of Ron's phone number from the recording but it got those digits right too.

Written 11/08/15

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