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Facebook and the Messenger Tyranny


I dislike Facebook Messenger and I don't have it on my phone or tablet (not least because it's a processor and memory hog on Android). Nor do I have the Facebook app for the same reason, instead I use Face Slim, an unofficial app built around the mobile Facebook site which is both lightweight and works well. It even picks up my Facebook messages so when people message me then I do see their message, as I do when I'm at home using my browser. Eventually.

So it takes a while for me to respond, if at all. Which is not what people are expecting and why I set up an auto-responder suggesting people use other routes to contact me.

Anyway this is all in the way of preamble to this morning's Facebook message which I picked up on my tablet and fired up Face Slim. This is what it said when I opened it (friends' blurred out):

Facebook message

So that's that then: I won't be able to see my Facebook messages now unless I'm using a proper browser: so that will be at home or, possibly, using my Chromebook when we're away. But I don't routinely use the Chromebook when away, just Android devices, so that means rather than it being hours it could be days or even weeks before an "instant" message gets to me.

And yes, yes, I know I'm being a luddite here but it seems to me that this really is Facebook going too far. IMO, YMMV, etc, etc

Tags: internet Written 03/06/16

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