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More Focal Seizures


Apparently we're now meant to call partial seizures focal seizures and, in my case with simple partials seizures they're now called focal aware seizures.

Anyway, moving on, last night I had two or three more focal aware seizures yesterday evening, then one I was aware of at 2am, and another five so far this morning before and around breakfast. Since then it's calmed down (writing this at 2pm).

Not quite as severe as the ones I've had before in this round but similar. Principle symptoms: a feeling of fear, strong feeling of deja vu, and also tingling, mainly down my right side which is the side which was affected by my stroke. Short duration each time, less than 30 seconds, with no loss of consciousness although my brain did seem slow afterwards for a couple of hours so there's clearly some subtle residual effects.

So despite upping my Epilim Chrono dose in total from 700mg + 700mg to 900mg + 900mg (or 29%) since this kicked off at the start of November I still don't seem to have achieved control again.

I've emailed my tame epilepsy nurse about this. Now waiting for a response.


She's going to write to my GP recommending sticking with Epilim Chrono and to:

increase it further in increments until you reach a maximum of 1500mg twice per day or you experience side effects or the events stop.


Written 06/03/18

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