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Drug Review Tomorrow


As I wrote in my last post:

It may not be an intolerable side effect but what this is doing is screwing with my memory, especially of proper nouns. It's driving me nuts but sadly it seems to be a common issue with AEDs.

In the end this got too much to cope with and on 28th March I emailed my epilepsy nurse and she suggested I reduce the dose to 1000mg morning and night (actually, reading her email again now I think she was suggesting 1000mg and 900mg but whatever, even her letter afterwards seemed unclear as to precisely what she was suggesting for the night time dose).

Anyway tomorrow I'm visiting her to review where we are but as far as I'm concerned, although the memory issues aren't quite as bad they are still happening so I think it's time to seriously consider a change in my drug regime, especially as they seem to be struggling to get full control of my seizures despite me being on ever increasing doses.

Discussion on reddit suggest that Keppra might be a good option but I'll see what she has to say. Another possibility is to rein back on the Epilim Chrono and to add something else on top so that may be worth considering. We'll see.

Written 03/05/18

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