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Vitamins for Migraines


I've previously had some success with vitamin B2 to reduce my migraines. I took 100mg twice a day for some of the winter and, during the months when I did there seems to be some correlation with the number reducing.

The other thing I've long wondered about is vitamin D as my migraines are worse in the winter and we get most our vitamin D by making our own from sunlight of which there is of course less in winter, especially in Scotland.

Early on I tried a multivitamin with D3 but it didn't help. Then I read this post in reddit.

The TL;DR is that he has getting fifteen migs a months but no longer. This was the key breakthrough:

But the doctor did go ahead and give me another suggestion. Seeing as my blood tests discovered that my vitamin D3 levels were below average, he suggested that I take some Vitamin D3 supplements 5000IU+/Day for 3 months to see if it made any difference.

I believe it worked.

Once I took vitamin D3 supplements [I] never had a migraine since.

And doing the reading it turns out there's some dispute about the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for D3. Historically you will see figures in the range 400-600IU quoted however there's now suggestions that a much higher figure is needed, perhaps ten times as much, which ties up with that post.

So I did some digging about and found some 4000IU D3 easy swallow caplets and I'm going to start taking one of those a day.

Written 01/05/18

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