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Some Good News From Phoenix


It's the best part of a decade since I've mentioned Phoenix in this blog but they have been a very significant part of my life since my bleed as they are responsible for a major part of my income for the last sixteen years and so have helped Beth and I live the life we wanted to live, within the limitations of both of our medical conditions.

However the down side has been the ongoing tussles with them which I find very stressful and stress, as I've written about before, makes me ill.

The biggest problem in the early years was the annual review. They would send me a multi-page form to fill in about my condition which made all sorts of assumptions and so was largely inappropriate. I sorted this by ignoring a lot of the questions, putting "see attached letter" in each box and writing a long essay filling in the gaps.

Eventually I think even they got bored with this and started simply asking me if anything had changed. Then they went to doing this every two years, the last time being in 2016. So last month it was time again so I wrote back saying that little had changed except that control of my seizures had got worse.

And today a letter back. It says in part:

We can confirm that your claim has been medically accepted until the expiry of your policy in July 2020.

So that's excellent news and a weight off my mind.

Of course it also means that will no longer have all that lovely money coming in every month but I've been planning for that from the start and, touch wood, we won't have any problems.

Written 19/05/18

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