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Some Good News from Aegon


Hot on the heels of the news from Phoenix I finally heard back from Aegon, who are the proud owners of one of my two pensions. This is the one that my last employer paid into and of course that stopped in 2002 when I had to give up the job. Sad but that's the way it goes and I didn't think any more of it at the time.

However at the back end of last year I was reviewing my pensions and thinking about my retirement and noticed reference to "waiver of premium cover" and it turns out that they were slicing a small percentage off every contribution towards a policy which would pay for my contributions to continue of I could no longer work.

Interesting ...

So I put in a claim last December although I was not optimistic but thought it was worth a punt as it couldn't do any harm to ask. Months went by and I rattled their cage a couple of times when I thought they had lost interest.

But today I got a phone call: they have accepted my claim and I will be contacted shortly about how much they will be adding to my pension.


So I'm now going to have to look at my other pension and see if there's a similar policy on that.

Written 01/06/18

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