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I am, as some of you know only too well, someone who switches mobile phone provider fairly often as there's a vast and ever changing variety of deals out there given the number of MVNOs involved.

I've now been with EE on a PAYG deal for a couple of years since we moved to Scotland and they've served me very well as they have excellent coverage with 4G in a lot of places, even very remote ones. However their £1 a week PAYG offering (10 mins/10 SMSs/100MB data) doesn't really fit my usage pattern when I'm away (although it does at home).

So I've been trying out 1pMobile. They're an MVNO piggy backed on EE and the deal is, as it says below, 1p a minute, a text or a MB. On this deal when I'm at home a typical week (no calls and text, little data) will cost me less than £1 and when I'm away I know I'm not going to use up my PAYG quota as it automatically tops up once I get below a preset limit (by £10 when it drops below £2 in my case).

I used it on my trip to Orkney and it worked very well so I'm about to get a PAC code and switch my EE number over onto it.

Tethering is no problem (as you're paying per MB ;-)), the only thing you need to be wary of is that you must top up by £10 at least once every 120 days. All unused credit rolls over, so you never lose it, but if you are a very low volume user then this probably isn't the deal for you.

Anyway I'm mentioning it here because if this fits with your usage pattern and you want to switch too then if you do so via this link then 1pMobile will give you a £5 credit when you activate your SIM and give me £5 credit when you make your first £10 top up.

Written 07/08/18

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