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I'm on my way to the Edinburgh festival and I'm travelling my favourite way: first class on GNER up the east coast main line. This has to be the best main line service going, far better than Virgin on the other side of the country (been there, done that, wasn't impressed).

Here we've got comfortable seats, a trolley service with free tea and coffee, and hot snacks from the buffet car brought to your seat. And my favourite thing of all: free WiFi Internet access.

It can be a bit patchy, achieving it at all is a pretty neat trick, but when it's got a connection it's fast enough. The web server on the train also serves a page which not only shows you the status of the connection but also shows you where you are on your journey via a little map. Very cute. If for no other reason than that it gives me an excuse to send my best beloved an email "I'M ON THE TRAIN".

But it also lets me keep an eye on my email and on this occasion look at the Web sites of some of the performers I'm thinking about seeing over the next few days.

I've only booked one show so I'm winging it a bit. Sunday is Fringe Sunday in The Meadows with lots of good acts which is why I always try to come this weekend but the weather forecast doesn't look that great.

My great discovery over the last couple of years has been the "Laughing Horse" venues. They offer free comedy - if you like it you're expected to make a contribution in the bucket at the end. I saw some great acts (and one duff one) last year so I'm planning to do some more of those.

Anyway, more later ... I've just got another cup of tea to drink!

Tags: Edinburgh, trains Written 10/08/07

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