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Heading home


I'm back on the train again, this time about to head south for home and a wife with red hair (she was a natural blond when I left!). The train is packed back in standard class judging by the announcements coming over the PA. Here in first we're waiting for the free coffee to come around. I like first class.

While I wait in Waverley for us to set off this is a good time to do a last report on the festival. I confess we wimped out last night and didn't do a show but this morning I took the bus to Princes Street, dumped my rucksack at left luggage at Waverley and went for a wander. It was a weird morning weatherwise: sunny one minute, pouring the next, so I dived into a café with a copy of The Guardian and worked through the day's programme over a second breakfast while deciding on The Early Edition as my last show.

This was Marcus Brigstocke (of The Now Show rant fame), Andre Vincent plus two guest comics talking over today's news as presented by the print meeja. It was good value, especially Marcus who in real life seems to be pretty much identical to his scripted persona i.e. permanently angry and/or despairing about life.

And then I slipped in one last show. BBC Radio Scotland were going a live show and as it was only a few yards away from the previous show (and free!) I popped in. The special guest was Alan Cumming. I was clearly meant to know who he was. I deduce from the interview that he was a star in a TV comedy series called High Life about airline cabin staff before finding fame and fortune in Hollywood. He was the villain in Goldeneye and was one of the superheros in The X Men or similar.

Anyway that was mildly interesting although a bit odd for me.

So then it was back, under another heavy shower, to Waverley pausing only at the top of the Royal Mile to get my best beloved a gift.

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