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Wibbling Round Up


I see it's three weeks since my last confession posting - so much for posting here more often.

So as it's Friday afternoon let's do a quick round up of events.

We've been away since I last posted here. We had a week in Aberfeldy on the southern edge of the scottish highlands in a cottage which was frankly oversold on its web site. Among the problems was the headroom, which sucked, badly. I had quite a nasty incident where I hit my head on a door frame with such force that it knocked me on the floor. It shook me up. A lot.

That was the bad part. The good part is that Aberfeldy itself is a lovely little town and it's well placed for getting out, going for walks and enjoying a relaxing week while not being a ludicrously long drive (it's about seven or eight hours from here). As usual you can find far too many photos and videos online. As you'll see from the photos the unintended theme of the holiday was steam trains. Twice we came across steam hauled trains without any forward planning, and the first one was on the main line, not a preservation line which scores extra cool points.

The holiday seemed to rejuvenate us and since we've been back we've got on with stuff, not least by throwing money at problems. So we've got a woman coming in to sort out the garden, a man to do the fence, and we got the garage to do the welding of Rudolf for the MoT rather than leaving Beth scrabbling around underneath as usual.

Meanwhile I got to work on the kitchen last weekend and all the kicking boards are in at last (only 5+ years since we started the kitchen). There's still more to do but we're getting there.

We also went for a long walk last Sunday, part of our programme to get a bit fitter so we can walk further in Scotland (and I can lose some lard).

And I've just about completed a new web site for the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and Kings College, London. It's not live yet so I won't post the URL here. This is going to be quite a prestigious site for me, CCJS has a high profile in opinion forming circles, and it's looking good so far I think.

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