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Who Shares Your Server?


Just a quickie today as I'm running late1 but here's a nice toy. If your web site is on a shared server (and it probably is) then go to myIPneighbors and put in the domain name and you can see who you share the site with.

For example try putting "the-hug.net" in there and you can see the fifteen sites we host on our little colo server.

It's very cool. And quite scary too when you don't know what answers you're going to get. Try "the-hug.org". Now that's hosted on a server at UK Shells2 and it turns out that we share it with all sorts of "interesting" people.

  1. Of which I may have more to say tomorrow. [Later: actually blogged on Friday in the end.]
  2. Which, incidentally, you can determine using another useful tool Who is Hosting This - that link is the result for the-hug.org.

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