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A Wimpole Walk


We did a nice little walk on land around Wimpole Hall today, starting at the hall, walking to Kingston and then back via Eversden Wood and the folly. 9.3 miles according to Google and we did it at moving average of 2.7mph according to my trusty GPS.

It was surprisingly hard work, certainly harder than our last walk which was a little longer, probably because a lot of it was on rough or muddy paths so hard on leg muscles. Although it was dry and mild is was overcast and quite windy.

Jake and Beth on the grass by the folly
Beth and Jake have a rest on the grass below the folly

Although she's been to Wimpole Hall before Beth hadn't seen the folly so I was looking forward to showing it to her. We were disappointed though: the gate was firmly locked.

The folly at Wimpole
The folly

Judging by the sign it seems that the folly, which was built like this so it looked like a crumbling ruin, is now actually crumbling. Very sad. I hope they find the money to stop it getting any worse.

Wimpole Hall from the folly
Wimpole Hall viewed from the folly hill

Anyway we had a cup of tea, a sausage roll and a slice of bread pudding at the café before heading for home, and I bought a book too at their second hand book shop.

Here's the GPX file (GPS Exchange, 0KB) for the route if you want to put it in your GPS before you go and here it is on Google Maps1.

  1. Yes, the phallic overtones of the route hadn't escaped us either.

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