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I've just had a "boiler room" outfit called E1 Asset Management on the line (they've got financial services authority warnings posted for them all over the place: Holland and Gibraltar were the first two I came across). Presumably they were going to sell me some dodgy shares, although postings on various boards suggest that RIM was one company they were hawking who I would have thought would be a reasonable punt ... but what do I know.

What's more worrying is that I had two calls yesterday from personal injury sharks too with the line about "we understand someone in your household has been in an accident in the last 18 months".

Now something I've written about on my site before is that we don't really get cold called as we are signed up with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and we also have anonymous caller rejection. On average we get about one cold call every year or two. Really.

But overseas callers don't have to respect the TPS, they laugh at the Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) (Direct Marketing) Regulations 1998, and overseas numbers get past anonymous caller rejection.

I thought the first two were just someone trying a random block of Cambridge number but the latest addressed me by name so someone has sold them my details.

Damn. I fear this won't be the end of this.

Tags: spam Written 05/03/08

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