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Rat Shit


Today's plan went to rat shit. For a variety of reasons. The plan was for me to drive Beth to Hawes and she would then walk back along the Pennine Way while I bought some Wensleydale at the cheese shop in Hawes. I would also provide logistical support if she ran into diffculties.

The first problem was the sore throat I'd started to develop yesterday has turned into a raging sore throat and I feel shit. The road from here to Hawes is a long windy one and I didn't feel confident about doing it on my own on the way back.

So after poring over the map Beth went for plan B: out along the Pennine Way until 1:30pm and then turn around and come back via the Pennine Way and Ribble Way. Lots of covering the same ground so a pretty boring walk but she wanted to get in some distance on the same sort of ground as the walk she's going in Scotland soon.

So off she went. It was raining. Meanwhile Hugo, Cindy and Brian went off to do things leaving me on my own. There's no cellphone reception (and I was worried about Beth phoning me needing help) so I ended up dozing on a bench in the dining room.

Jake looking thoroughly wet and miserable somewhere on the Pennine Way

The hours passed. The rain fell. Lots of it. Beth and Jake came home early: he was soaked through, her clothes had all worked well other than her gloves but she was pissed off with the route, not least as they were doing restoration work on the Pennine Way which made it hard to walk on.

So about all I did useful today was help Hugo dig the poo hole.

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