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Golden Anniversary


Today was Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary so despite me still not feeling anything like recovered from this bloody virus we dragged ourselves down to the Basingstoke Country Hotel (actually just west of Hook) for a celebration lunch.

Vast numbers of my extended family were there (my father is one of six and my mother one of four so I have a lot of aunts, uncles, cousins and now ... errr ... cousin's children, whatever they're called) some of whom I'd not seen for a very long time.

The food was decidedly average and I wasn't really well enough to enjoy the whole event, which with my sad excuse for a brain would have been hard work for me even if I didn't have a virus on top of it but there were some highlights.

Beth and I went for a walk with my nephew Jamie and Jake in the rain. Jamie had Jake's lead for 80% of the walk so he was in heaven (he loves Jake). I also gave him all my remaining Swallows and Amazons paperbacks.

It was good to see my brother Mark too who I've not seen for a fair old while and we had a long chat.

Sadly cancer was a recurring meme: my dad's younger sister very recently lost her husband to it (I was slightly surprised she came, it must have been hard for her), my dad's older sister has it and, in her words "should have died a couple of years ago" but she's still soldiering on despite the state their efforts to remove it has left her in. But on a more positive note my mom's eldest sister has recently had her cancer removed and currently (touch wood) the medics are quietly confident that they caught it early enough as they didn't subject her to chemo- or radio-therapy.

The happiest thing though was seeing the cousins with children. Now lots of my cousins have children and I'm not a great fan of babies myself but two couples who've had real problems having children now have a child. The oldest is two now (I remember going to the party celebrating her birth) but Jamie1 is a lot younger and his parents have only had him for three months. The look of happiness on the faces of both his parents, and on Jamie himself when he was awake, was a wonderful thing to behold.

  1. Yup, another one, namespace overload captain ;-)

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