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New Starts


Well it's the last day in March, the clocks went forward yesterday and it's very mild outside. I think Spring may be here at last. Time to dust off my shorts soon! And I'm finally feeling better after five days of that bloody virus1. Meanwhile Beth left MIPS today after 3.5 years2 so it's a new start for her, one which she's happy about too so that's good.

Meanwhile it's also a new start for Milton Country Park which, if it all went to plan, was handed over to the Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust today. For new readers I spent the first half of last year helping lead the campaign to save the Park so it's a momentous day for me and the rest of the team.

The work on that's not over by the way, it's not just a new start for the Park, it's also a new start for the Friends of Milton Country Park, and the current plan is to convert the Park web site (which is currently The Hug's) into a site for the Friends and to get as many of the campaign supporters as we can (of which there were 10,000+) to become Friends managing their subscription using the software I've been developing lately for use for purposes such as this.

So a day of new starts. That's the sort of day I like.

  1. Still got a bit of a sore throat and cough and my glands are still sore and swollen but I've not felt the need to pop any analgesics since 3:30am and I feel a lot better.
  2. They've closed the UK office, making everyone redundant other than a handful who were offered relocation to the States.

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