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Almost time for bed and I've posted nothing today. Sigh. OK, here's some snippets. I spoke to Beth earlier. She finished the West Highland Way today, is now clutching her certificate, and will be heading home tomorrow. Hurrah!

I've still got this bloody virus. Now just an occasional cough and a deep sore throat (i.e. it hurts a lot further back than normal) which comes and goes. I've also got a grumbly stomach for some reason too, not sure if it's related.

Discovery of the day has been Cult Pens who sell a lot of different sorts of pen, including Stabilo sensor fineliners which are my favourite pens in all the world and no one else seems to stock any more. I've just ordered quite a lot of them ...

... in black as well as blue, plus a couple of reds and greens.

And finally here's a photo of Dr Alice Roberts, for no good reason other than that I was reminded of her by something I was watching earlier earlier via iPlayer1 and she is, let's face it, a babe.

Not only is she pretty (with great taste in hair colouring) but she's smart and, judging by everything I've seen of her, she seems like a nice person too. I am, as you've probably guessed, a fan.

  1. In Search of Medieval Britain by medieval art historian Dr Alixe Bovey who is no Alice Roberts: she knows her subject but she's not got the same unbridled enthusiasm as Alice.

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