5x12 pentomino tiling

So ...


... what do I conclude from the weekend? Well, it turns out that although the "rapid erect" system is great we need a Khyam Freelander not a Highlander ... which is a shame as we bought a Highlander - oh well, I'm sure someone will take it off our hands. Other conclusions include:

  • The Outdoors Magic crowd seem like a nice bunch of people although their taste in inflateable friends is ... curious.
  • I can walk up hills without my brain exploding (again) so long as I take it very, very slowly.
  • Camping in the rain is grossly over-rated, especially in a small tent with a small porch.
  • Damp dogs make poor sleeping companions.
  • Tesco tinned bacon and potato saute is not good camping food.
  • ... and needs a can opener.
  • Being woken up by a dog trying to put its foot up your bum is ... errr ... a surprise.

Written 28/04/08

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