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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam


Well, the revamped spam filter I mentioned a couple of days ago seems to be doing a fine job. If you look at the chart1 then before we got all the spam coloured orange or yellow, now we only get the yellow. As a result it's now worth our while looking at the yellow "probable spam" and adding some extra filters to separate the wheat from the chaff. Good stuff.

Meanwhile in what passes for the real world Beth went off shooting bunnies at 4am so I got up at 5:4am as I was wide awake and had walked Jake, had breakfast, done the washing up and done the Waitrose order by the time she rolled in at about 7:30am. It was the sort of day to be glad to be alive: sun shining and I was feeling well.

But I saw broken car window glass on my travels and it turns out that someone was working their way around Milton last night breaking car windows. Not for theft purposes - I saw one of the cars this evening and it had two windows broken - this was just for "fun" it seems.

Meanwhile down at the river someone had tried to steal massive flap valves that stop the water going from the Cam back into the 13th Public Drain if the river floods. The scrap metal prices are leading people to do the craziest things.

And this evening there was the Friends on Milton Country Park AGM which I just made2.

  1. Which uses the most excellent Google Chart API to do the bar chart in case you're wondering.
  2. 7pm starts, never a good idea, especially if you're cooking supper late as your wife is spark out having got up at 4am. Sigh.

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