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There and Back Again


By this morning we were covered with grit from the dock so we decided to move on rather than having a day in Berwick as we'd originally planned. The forecast was not good but I'd identified a closer alternative to Arbroath: a little port called Anstruther, which sounded inviting so we decided to go for that.

We got as far as St Abbs Head. As we rounded it the full force of the waves kicked up by the wind coming down the Firth of Forth hit us. We decided to play it safe and turned back1 heading instead for Eyemouth which was eight nautical miles north of Berwick (so at least we would have made a little ground).

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Eyemouth was rather lovely2 especially as we were met by seals, one of whom followed us in looking for food.

Eyemouth inner harbour from our mooring

We also discovered some old friends there. Jackie and Ian, who we met at Blyth, had set out from Eyemouth that morning (having stayed here rather than Berwick last night) and they too had turned back3. Another more elderly couple we'd not bumped into before but who were also round the UK sailors turned up later. They too had set out this morning from Eyemouth and had turned back.

Anyway we're now rafted outside a boat from Burnham on Crouch (which isn't going round, just up and down again but they're taking their time) and we intend staying here tomorrow as the forecast is the same as today's. We're going to have a day out in Edinburgh instead which should be fun.

  1. To give you an idea of how rough it was turning round was the first time I've ever attached myself to the boat with a safety line while in the cockpit: both Jenny and I were worried that we might broach as we turned. (We realised later that we'd forgotten we should have closed the hatch into the cabin too, ho hum.)
  2. The only down side is in the harbour I can't get any mobile coverage so I'm going to have to blog offline until we move on.
  3. This cheered us up somewhat as they are both very experienced sailors and Ian is an RNLI instructor so if they turned back too we definitely made the right choice.

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