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Catching Up


Unsurprisingly we're now back to catching up. We hadn't really finished sorting out after our previous trip and now we've got the remains of two lots of camping to sort out, plus my sailing gear. Oh, and it's Fathers Day tomorrow and I've only just realised. Damn.

Anyway I'll leave you with the story of the Eyemouth Disaster. On 14th October, 1881. 189 fishermen died in a great storm off the south east coast of Scotland and most of them, 129 in all, were from the village of Eyemouth.

Memorial in Eyemouth

They'd been stuck in port for a week and despite the glass dropping the weather was good so the whole fleet, all 45 boats set out. Many didn't make it back. The graveyard where the memorial above stands includes a stone recording the death of a father and two sons in the disaster.

Interestingly from a sailor's point of view one boat which did survive was the Ariel Gazelle which had braved the storm out at sea for two days instead of fleeing for land - which is precisely the tactics recommended today if caught in a storm.

Tags: sailing Written 14/06/08

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