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Lots to tell you today. Serenity, now with new crew, has finally made it across the Firth of Forth on the third attempt and was at Taymouth last night. Sounds like they had an exciting time and they had dolphins for company for a while too! I imagine they've moved on today as they're hoping to get to Inverness by the weekend when the next crew change is due to happen.

I'll mention for the benefit of Google's search engine that if you've got a Gentoo system and your NFS mounts suddenly stop working you might need to emerge the nfs-utils package (the good people at Bytemark Hosting and I have spent quite a lot of time tracking that one down over the last couple of days).

There's an excellent "If ..." cartoon in today's Guardian that I'll point you to.

While I'm talking strips Wally is making me laugh a lot lately and given it's only two weeks to my birthday Garfield today seems to be on the money.

Finally, if you've got a web site and you ever consider your hit stats then this article in The Register should be compulsory reading. To be honest it's potentially a problem for every web site owner as a spike in apparent traffic (so potentially exhausting your monthly bandwidth allowance) while actually bringing no new readers could be very bad news.

Oh yes, and I almost forgot: 241.6lb this morning which is the lowest I've been since before my stroke. So despite all those lovely meals on the boats it seems that all the exercise got by sailing did me good.

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