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We're on a bit of a roll at the moment. The Fellowship of the Ring on Sunday, Blade Runner last night for a change of pace and back to "The Lord of the Rings" tonight with The Two Towers.

I have to say I have mixed feeling about the LotR trilogy. It's a long while since we've watched them, I think the last time was on our honeymoon, and admittedly they are fine movies. The scenery is stunning, the action is scary, and Vigo Mortensen is a real star in the making. What drives me bananas however is the extended scenes with Frodo and Sam and the appalling Gollum. In The Two Towers in particular it seems to grind on and on with Frodo alternatively being brought down by the ring and being all decisive and Sam being ... well ... just annoying. If I hear him saying "Mr Frodo" one more time I'll scream. Sigh. Anyway, it's Return of the King next which, from what I can remember, is pretty spectacular so that'll be something to look forward to.

As for Blade Runner this was the "Final Cut" edition which is Ridley Scott's second director's cut edition. It has no voiceover and is more ambiguous than the original version I've seen with a much more downbeat ending with Deckard and Rachel, his replicant girlfriend, on the run. I'd forgotten quite how good this movie was. It's before the days of CGI but despite that the imagery is stunning and there is just so much going on in every scene I kept wanting to grab the remote and rewind to watch scenes again (I didn't, but I will).

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