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.milton anyone?


In case you've not heard the news ICANN have decided that from next year anyone can set up a top level domain (TLD) so long as they jump through a few hoops first and cough up a figure in the region of "the low six figures in American dollars".

Up until now TLDs have been restricted to the likes of the basic international TLDs like .com and .net and the country specific TLDs like .uk.

Now it's going to be a free for all, so .sex and .xxx (the latter having already been proposed and rejected by ICANN as a porn TLD) are a given, but big companies and corporations will want their brand too. New York City for example have apparenly already said they want .nyc as a TLD.

As to what difference all this makes to thee and me I suspect the answer is: not a lot. Certainly at those sort of prices .milton or .the-hug isn't going to happen. I can see we might be offered more vanity domains in new TLDs, so someone might register .england or .scotland and try to sell domains in that space.


Oh yes, watched Return of the King tonight. Very good, although the multiple endings drag a bit after all the excitement of the two big battles.

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