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Birthday - Day 3


Well today's been amusing for a variety of reasons. Beth and I seem to have spent the day helping people out: we've rescued a dog, helped one neighbour who was in trouble and listened to the life story of another. It's been ... fun. I think. It's certainly given us some stories to dine out on anyway.

And talking of which we've just had an excellent supper at The Peking in Burleigh Street to finish the birthday celebration. It's an excellent chinese, a cut above the rest (with prices to match). It was curiously empty but the food was as good as ever, as was the company.

The only downside was that we had decided to be green and go on the bus but although we waited until 15 minutes after its scheduled time it didn't come. So we nipped home and took one of the cars. As we drove through the village there were still people waiting at the bus stops so it looks like Stagecoach had simply not bothered to run the service. Is it any wonder we don't use the bus that often.

Tags: food Written 03/07/08

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