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It's been a day for saying "phew" today, in more ways than one. For a start we finally seem to have a Summer and it's been hot today. "Phew", as they say, "what a scorcher".

We switched into hot weather mode, something we started doing last year. As soon as the air temperature starts to rise rather than opening the windows we shut them all and close all the curtains. As the house is well insulated the temperature in the house then remains at a sensible level while the outside world gets hot. The flaw to this plan is my study with its multiple computers, monitors and other kit it, so the window in there stays open until late afternoon to let the hot air from that room out.

Beth took Jake off for a long walk leaving me to get on with coding. Having lost much of yesterday to a migraine1 I was behind on finishing the code which will allow Save Milton Country Park supporters to become Friends of Milton Country Park.

For data protection reasons we need each supporter to convert themselves to a Friend so I've been working on enhancing the Storm software (the "great project" about which I refer to obliquely on occasion) to allow them to do a one-click conversion. It's slightly more than one-click actually but it does take their data from the campaign, including the questionnaire if they filled it in, and use it to populate a form to let them join the Friends. Then the data is pushed over to the Storm server for processing and then they're bounced on to the Friends web site to be thanked for joining up.

There's then an extra step where the software sends them an email to confirm they wanted to sign up which they do by clicking on a link in the email. Once they've done that they're signed up as a Friend with their details in the Friends' Storm database.

It's all very neat and it all seems to work so now it's out for beta testing.

Meanwhile ... I've got another bloody migraine. Very late in the day too. Not surprised: I was working hard today.

  1. I've had four or five over the last week and a half - not like me in the Summer. I think it's stress related.

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