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Wind Something


We wasted a couple of hours this evening watching Wind Talkers, a movie allegedly about how Navaho indians were used for front line radio comms in WWII. The key word here is "allegedly". It's actually about how Nicholas Cage won the battle in the Pacific.

Single handed.

Whenever they're in a sticky situation he ignores his orders, which is to babysit the Navaho radio operator1, and instead he leaps up with his Tommie gun and off he goes to blast a few more peskie Nips or blow up a bunker or something equally heroic.

It's dire. Really. The script, the acting, the lot. We've seen some good war films in the last few years - I think Saving Private Ryan may be responsible for that: it really raised the bar - but this is back to the John Wayne days ... although the Big Man did it better to be honest.

The only redeeming feature was a cameo by Jason Isaacs who can, as we know, do no wrong2.

The saving grace to this sorry tale is that the DVD didn't cost us a penny: a neighbour was throwing out lots of books and DVDs and left a stack at the end of his drive with a notice saying "Free - take what you like".

Now we know why.

  1. And shoot him if necessary to prevent him getting into enemy hands.
  2. Except possibly Brotherhood about which I'm currently undecided - I've only seen a couple of episodes thus far.

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