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Maps Back Online


So, the good news is that my mapping application is back online. It disappeared, along with Multimap's developer forum and blog, some time very recently. I did raise a ticket with Multimap last weekend but no reply.

I thought they'd given up on the Open API but the end I got lucky while Googling about and came across the Walk Highlands web site again. They use the Multimaps Open API and their maps were still working. A chat with their webmaster revealed the problem1, a simple three character change, and all is well now.

He also told me that Google claims the forum has been hacked, which may explain it, but why they don't have the courtesy to respond to my ticket after four working days (their target is two) is another matter.

  1. In case you're in the same fix you need to do

        MMDataResolver.setDataPreferences(MM_WORLD_MAP, [904]);

    rather than [841] and then it can find the Ordnance Survey maps again. If the forum was there I could have found this out very quickly. Sigh.

Tags: maps Written 31/07/08

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On 26/04/09 at 3:14pm steve wrote:

Thanks for that, I was just googling as to why my maps were all blank!

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