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Stopping Spam?


So back in June I was being spammed by a company called Motorholme. I was stupid enough to get a quote for motorhome hire from them and after that I couldn't get them out of my mailbox despite repeated and increasingly explicit requests for them to stop doing to. I even quoted the relevant legislation at them.

They ignored my emails and continued to mail me.

So I raised a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office. This was on 22nd June. Today, almost seven weeks later, I got an email from them which began:

Dear Mr Oldham

Thank you for your correspondence dated 22 June regarding unsolicited emails from Motorholme. Please accept my apologies for the delay in acknowledging; our office is currently dealing with large volumes of work. This has meant that we have been unable to deal with incoming correspondence as promptly as we would like.

The matters you have raised will be assigned to one of our casework teams before being allocated to a case officer who will respond in line with our current service standards.

Impressive huh? Seven weeks to even get an acknowledgement, that's before they actually start processing the complaint. Is it any wonder we're all drowning in spam.

Tags: spam Written 07/08/08

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On 14/09/08 at 4:38pm Paul wrote:

I had yet more spam from Motorholme today but this time a change. The email ends:

P.P.S To no longer receive emails from MotorHolme, visit the following link www.motorholme.co.uk/delete.asp

So I've done that. It claims, rather comedically "I hate spam as much as you do". Yeah, right. Anyway I filled in the form.

On 09/01/12 at 9:30pm Alex Russell wrote:

Exactly what I am experiencing now. I just wish they would go away as their prices are the most expensive I have found

On 03/05/12 at 9:08pm Phil Hunt wrote:

Had the same problem with Motorholme as others. No amount of clicking on their Unsubscribe area did any good. Have tried this on at least 4 occasions and also written back to them in very blunt terms telling them to stop. Complete waste of time. Regret ever approaching them for a rental quote.

On 03/10/12 at 11:28am marcella Taylor wrote:

please stop ending emails I do not wish to hire as an OAP I find your prices too much many thanks

On 03/10/12 at 1:06pm Paul wrote:

Errr ... Marcella, did you read the article before posting your comment? There's no point in complaining to me, you should direct your ire to Motorholme or the ICO.

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