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At the risk of turning into Alice Robert's fanboy I had a chat about her programmes to my mate Cindy last night. Cindy's a teacher and she is impressed as I am with the way Alice gets the story over that she's got to tell1 without assuming the audience is stupid and will be scared off by this approach (which sadly too much factual programming seems to be doing now from what little I'm seeing of it).

Little snippets from the shows last night which I loved included sampling her own stomach acid. Now that was interesting enough in itself2 but what made it good television was including in the show the struggle she had getting the sampling tube down her nose into her stomach (yuck). Now that's how to present science and keep the audience interested at the same time.

Furtling about inside a pig's stomach was probably good value for the general audience too although must admit I'm a bit of an old hand when it comes to handling the innards of a pig so it wasn't any great surprise to me. The cirrhotic liver they hauled out of some poor man's stomach was pretty impressive too as was the stomach camera she swallowed.

I can't wait for next week's programme.

  1. Cindy's also a woman so I think we can safely assume my potential bias (Alice is not only very bright and very good at talking about her subject but is something of a babe too) isn't the only reason I think she's worth watching.
  2. PH of only 1.5, blimey!

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