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Starting Early


Well, it's 1:45am so today's wibbling is very early (or very late as I've always argued that tomorrow doesn't start until you've slept). I'm still up because Beth is heading home early. She set off at 4am on Friday morning to drive to Kinlochleven.

Her plan was to wild camp high up on the hills with a couple of blokes on Friday night, then meet up with a bigger group today so that Kate (another member of the Outdoors Magic axis) could lose her Munro virginity1 via a suitable ascent today.

Beth was going to wild camp again tonight with some else she knows. Then on Sunday and Monday she was going to shift to the Glencoe Youth Hostel and spend a couple of days there.

The plan started well and she had an excellent night high up on a hill last night in her new tent but today, as she feared, it's rained. All day. So although they met the rest of the team in Kinlochleven they've not gone anywhere. As far as I can make out most of the day has been spent in the café2 at the Ice Factor.

Not only has it been raining but the wind has dropped so the midges have been out in droves. Beth says they're far worse than they were when we were up that way in May (and they were pretty bad then too). And to add to the "fun" her lungs have shut down for some reason, despite multiple blasts of Ventalin.

The forecast for tomorrow is crap too so at 6pm she decided to head for home. We originally predicted a 2am arrival but when I spoke to her at 10pm when she was stopped at the services between Carlisle and Penrith the TomTom had her ETA as 2:50am. I checked on Google Maps afterwards and it was on the same view.

So she's driving home through the night.

To be honest I'd be a lot happier if she had stopped at a Travelodge somewhere on the way back but she was determined to be back tonight so I'm staying up to greet her. I've been watching episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip since ... forever ... but I'm starting to suffer now. I think I'll make it until 3am though.

... either that or she'll find me asleep on the sofa.

  1. She lives in Wales so does her hill walking there, not in Scotland.
  2. Talking of which I see their menu offers "firm favourites like Fresh Cod in Atlas Ale Batter and Chips, Langoustines and Loch Leven Muscles". Mmmm ... that'll build up your strength.

Written 10/08/08

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On 10/08/08 at 11:47am Paul wrote:

She arrived home at 2:30am, despite a detour through Peterborough as someone had spammed themselves up on the A1, and we were in bed by 3am. Bloody knackered this morning mind you, and I've got a migraine too just to add to the "fun" so it's a sofa day today.

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