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Mrs Lashley RIP


I heard today that one of my favourite teachers died yesterday. In the course of a school life you have lots of teachers and only a few will stand out, Mrs Lashley was one of those that did1.

Mrs Lashley taught history, a subject that in truth I wasn't really that interested in, but she really taught it very well and did engage my attention. We did Tudors and Stuarts for O level and one of her favourite tricks has doing a chunk of history and then ending the lesson by reading what Sellers and Yeatman had to say about the same period in "1066 And All That" - a book that's a lot funnier when you know all the "in jokes" that Sellers and Yeatman are slipping in. She also played us the recording of Bob Newhart as Walter Raleigh's agent (hunt it out, it's very funny).

But Mrs Lashley was also my form tutor, so it was in her class we all assembled every morning while she took the register for the five years I was at Calthorpe Park and I remember that as a happy time too.

And when we were in the 5th year she negotiated for us to be able to use her classroom as a 5th form common room where we could lurk at lunchtime rather than been banished to the playground with the younger children.

I know I disappointed her when I only got a C in history2.

I've always felt vaguely guilty about that.

  1. For the record others include Mrs Povey, the young pure maths teacher at Farnborough College who encouraged me to apply to Cambridge, Mr Mackian(sp?) my mad maths teacher from Calthorpe Park, Mr Welch the equally mad chemistry teacher and (now Professor but then just Dr) Martin Hyland, whose brain is vast.
  2. One of two, the other being in English Literature, do we see a pattern here boys and girls, I think we do.

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On 08/05/12 at 2:29pm Chris Day wrote:

For some reason I was wondering what happened to Mrs Lashley. I had her for history in the late seventies. She had a huge impact on me too, and, as for you, in a subject that I really wasn't that interested in.

I remember that she had me practice essays in her side room during lunch hour. Amazing that she took the extra time to encourage us to our best.

Thanks for your post.

I also had Mr Welch!

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