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Mad Max


In Tesco on Friday night while picking up a pizza1 I spotted the Mad Max trilogy for £8 and couldn't resist so tonight we watched the first of them, the eponymous Mad Max.

I'd forgotten what fun it was. It's real comic book stuff: lots of violence but carefully shot so that you're actually kept a long way from the reality of most of it, flaky plot, but lots of chase scenes, the opening one in particular being very fine. It was quite fun on the whole.

And Mel Gibson is so, so young in it. I think it was the first movie which made him a star.

Reading the Wikipedia entry on it reveals so amusing facts. The movie was originally released in the US with all the voices, including Gibson's, dubbed by American actors and some of the wording changed. It was also a really low budget movie: the director's own Mazda Bongo was among the vehicles trashed during the filming.

Anyway it was a pleasant way to waste a couple of hours and two more to follow, plus we've got Hellboy to watch at some point2.

  1. Beth was away for the weekend, which means I get to eat pizza - Beth's view on pizza is that it's, largely speaking, cheese and tomato sauce on toast and she can't see what the fuss is. She may have a point.
  2. Not normally our sort of thing but after watching Pan's Labyrinth we think that Guillermo Del Toro is a god who walks among us.

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