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Around Talybont Reservoir


What a glorious day's walking. Our plan today, as the forecast was for some rain, was a low level walk around Talybont reservoir. In fact two things happened to change that.

First it didn't rain. At all. In fact it was a lovely sunny, cool day, ideal for walking.

Second we set off up a track which turned out to be an old horse drawn tramway and realised we could go higher using it, so we did and topped out at precisely 400m after a very pleasant gentle stroll uphill. I took some video at the top which I hope comes out. If it does I'll post it here (it did, here it is below and there's lots more video here if you're interested).

We had a lovely lunch at the halfway mark: a bridge over the river supplying the reservoir before heading back1.

Other highlights included the women we met who were very lost. Luckily I had a printed out OS 1:50,000 of the area which I gave them, having shown them where there were and a sensible route back. Whether they could read an OS map is another matter ...

What else to report? Well the OM crowd are as mad as ever. Mostly horribly fit and all very keen but a nice bunch and nice to see some familiar faces again, especially Kate who organised it (again, she organised the Snowdonia meet in April - which didn't have such great weather!).

The pub last night was The Star which had good beer and superb food, although it was a little slow in coming - but worth waiting for.

  1. You can see our exact track here - it's a bit broken as we were under trees a lot of the time on the east side and the GPS was struggling a bit.

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