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Commander in Chief


I've not been well today1 but that did give me the opportunity to watch the last 2.5 episodes of Commander in Chief.

I got this a while ago and it's taken me a while to plough through the 20+ episodes but it's been worth it on the whole. It stars Geena Davis as Vice President Mackenzie "Mac" Allen who finds herself unexpectedly taking over after the President dies.

There were warnings in reviews not to compare it with The West Wing and having watched the whole set of episodes they have a point. The story arc is patchy, the camera work isn't as sexy, and some of the family plot lines did get on my nerves after a while but it's still good solid stuff and, if you'd not seen The West Wing first, I think you'd be impressed.

Unfortunately though the bar has been raised somewhat higher now. Still worth a watch however.

  1. I seem to be into another big migraine cluster - it's getting very tedious now: I'm losing the whole morning and half the afternoon on a regular basis again.

Tags: health, tv, world Written 24/10/08

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