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Friday Night Curry


After last night's curry at the Golden Curry in Mill Road we were tempted to join the gang for a curry at Pipasha. This was a mistake.

First we have a rule: we don't go out for a meal on a Friday or a Saturday, and we definitely don't do it en masse as that's the way to ensure it takes forever to get fed. And it did1.

Second it was noisy, and that's a problem for me now. Especially when you have to wait over two hours to get fed. Towards the end I was seriously starting to wonder if I was going to have to go outside for a bit (although I was trapped behind the table so it would have meant getting multiple people to move).

Third the food was, well, pretty average really. We had been told it was better than the Golden Curry so I ordered exactly the same as I had last night so I could compare. The prawn puree was heavy on puree and light on prawn, the chicken tikka biriani was barely warm, the vegetable curry was pretty much all sauce, very few vegetables, and the chapatis were lumpen. All very unlike last night.

The only thing where they did score over the Golden Curry was that last night they had one bottle of Kaliber in stock and that was it on the alcohol free whereas Pipasha stock Cobra alcohol free which is a lot better2.

Oh, and it cost us £50 for the pair of us rather than £30. Admittedly I had three alcohol free beers rather than one and Beth had two lassis rather than one but that's not another £20.

It was nice to see the gang, but I don't think we'll be going there again in a hurry.

  1. To be fair to them they were at least aware this was an issue and apologised before we complained, and when we suggested they might like to give us some popadoms to prevent us starving to death while we waited for our main course they came very quickly. And I suspect they weren't put on the bill.
  2. Although a rip off at £3.30 a bottle, which I think was the same price they were charging for a pint of draught Cobra.

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