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Hellboy II


Tonight we watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army which is fresh out on DVD. You may remember my enthusiasm for Hellboy and in truth this is just more of the same with the prince of the elves as the chief bad guy.

That's not a bad thing, the whole preposterous plot and unlikely superheroes battling with equally unlikely baddies is quite fun but I did rather feel that I'd seen it all before. Sequels are hard to carry off and, with the notable exception of the Bourne movies which just get better and better, it seldom seems to happen.

It also seemed to have a lot more violent death in it that the last one but perhaps that's just my memory playing tricks.

So I guess my verdict is: worth watching but if you're feeling poor with Christmas upon us you might want to wait for the (cheaper) single DVD version to come out.

Tags: films Written 12/12/08

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