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As this was a leap year this is my 365th blog for 2008 even though we're a day off the end of the year and as I've already written an embargoed entry for tomorrow looking back on the year this seems like a good moment to say a few words about my resolution at the start of the year to blog every day.

If you look back you'll find an entry for every day this year, and I think there's a couple of occasions where I posted twice in a day. So I did keep to the resolution ... more or less.

I did cheat occasionally, using the content management system to set a past date on entries, but I was never more than a couple of days late and there was normally a good reason for it, usually health related.

I also blogged off line if we were both away as saying "hey, we're both in Wales" didn't seem like the smartest move.

But I've now got to the end of the year and I've come to several conclusions as a result.

First that writing something every day is a lot harder than you might think and, for me at least, it didn't get much easier either. Just finding something to write about was often hard enough. After a dull day of work with not a lot in your head your readers don't want to read about your dull day. So my respect for people who write a daily column for a living has gone up. A lot.

In truth I think the consequence for me of daily posting is that the overall quality drops as I was often posting when I had little of interest to say.

As a result of this I don't intend to keep the same strict regime up from here on. I'll talk more about what I'm planning for 2009 next year.

The other conclusion, which I've mentioned here before, is that a blog is not a diary. For me that also became a problem during the year as I sometimes wanted to record things I didn't want you lot to read.

But overall I have enjoyed this year of blogging and I hope you've enjoyed reading it too.

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