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Thrifty Car and Van Rental have been causing some amusement on the cam.misc news group this week. Their web site includes short descriptions of the towns from which to might want to hire cars.

Here's some highlights about Cambridge:

Cambridge is commonly known as an Old English University Town, or Silicon Fen and what better way to tour this town then by using car hire services from Thrifty car Rental.1. [...]

Most people associate the name of Cambridge with the University of Cambridge. The University of Cambridge was started when students fled from the Oxford area, due to hostile townspeople. [...] In 1209 the begging of Cambridge has started, the oldest part of the university that still exists dates back to 1284, which is Peterhouse.

And Taunton which is more important than I thought:

Taunton is located in Somerset, England [and] is the administrative capital of England.

And Edinburgh which is obviously a really wild place:

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. [...] While in the city try to take in one of their festivals such as Edinburgh Festival or you can always sleep during the day and take in some of the wild nightlife [...].

Edinburgh has several clubs, pubs and restaurants to choose from. [...]

  1. There's actually probably no worse way as private cars are now effectively banned from the town centre.

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