Orion Skeleton Watch

I bought this watch from RLT Watches and the instructions that came with it were only in russian so I scanned them in and then asked on the news group cam.misc if anyone could give me a rough translation. Sergei kindly did one for me, and so here it is, re-worked to fit around the pages.

The first image is a title page, containing places for various stamps, date of purchase and so on.

The left-hand side of the second image is technical specifications. The points of interest are that:

The right-hand side contains details about what the outside is covered with (yellow bits are gilt, 1-2 micrometers thick, using 750 parts per thousand gold; white bits ara palladium). Below that are the "instructions". They read:

Starting standard watches:
We recommend that you wind the watch every 24 hours, always at the same time, until the spring is fully wound. Attention: winding should be stopped as soon as resistance is felt.

Starting self-winding watches:
starting a self-winding watch, initially or after a period of storage, may be accomplished by gentle rocking in the plane parallel to the dial for 30 seconds. Attention: no additional winding is required if worn for at least 10 hours every day.

Left-hand side of the third image carries on with the instructions:

Setting the time:
Pull out the winding knob and rotate to set the hands to the desired time, using counterclockwise rotation. Push the winding knob back into place.

The watch is a complicated mechanical device that requires careful treatment:

The right-hand side of the third image contains two warranty repair tokens, the part the owner fills out. The left-hand side of the fourth image contains the corresponding parts that the repair shop fills out [these are front and back of the same piece of paper]

Finally, the right-hand side of the fourth image is a list of things that the warranty does not cover.


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