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Today my new driving licence arrived in the post. They sent it two days ago, on the anniversary of my last seizure. So well done DVLA for processing this in good time (although I did re-apply on the earliest possible date so as to give them as much time as I could).  read more ...


As I mentioned before the doctor at our surgery who let me have a supply of somatriptan injectors was also keen to explore prophylaxis. Again.  read more ...


I talked here before about using my friend's sumatriptan injector and how successful it was. She actually gave me two more so when the migs flared up again I used one and, although it wasn't as quick as the first time, the whole episode last only a couple of hours rather than the usual ten to eighteen.  read more ...


As my last post said I was, at that point four weeks migraine free. That continued for seven weeks and then, seven weeks to the day after my last migraine, I had another one.  read more ...


You'll remember that my last post was about using injectable sumatriptan to rid me of a migraine. That was four weeks and a day ago. Since then I've been completely migraine free despite being exposed to various things which would in the past be likely triggers. Beth and I have speculated as to why this has happened and the shortlist looks like this (in order of likelihood):  read more ...

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