Tilly is our boxer/border collie cross bitch. This hard to imagine combination apparently came about when a pedigree boxer bitch escaped from her home one night in search of a bit of rough, and found a night of passion with the farmer's sheepdog. The result is a dog with the body of a boxer but with a collie's nose (lucky escape there!) and classic black and white collie colouring.

Tilly used to live with Sue and Alan in Bury St Edmunds, but sadly their new child is badly allergic to Tilly, so they couldn't keep her and on Saturday 3rd October 1998 she moved in with us.

This is my favourite picture of her looking very sad, and cute.

Tilly sad

Here's some more pictures of her, mainly taken one frosty but sunny day in December 1998 in Milton Country Park[1], our favourite place for walks. Click on the thumbnails to see the picture full size.

Cornering at speed - near the Old School Lane exit[1] Flat out, look at that arched back![2] How come she doesn't tangle her legs?[3] Rolling in the hall - please rub my tummy[4]

Eating something she shouldn't do[5] Playing pointer - is that another dog to play with?[6] Sniff, sniff - more food?[7] This must be food, or is it rabbit trails?[8]


Tilly died on 6th September 2004. You can read more about that here[10]

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