Ryvoan bothy, through the woods from Glenmore, 2010-01-27

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The weather forecast didn't look great with wind gusting 50+mph so a low level walk was in order. This is just superb. Parked at the end of the road beyond Glenmore Lodge and set off along the track towards the Pass of Ryvoan. The trees in the glen here are fantastic, lichen hangs from the branches and grows around the trunks in the most amazing forms.

Lichen on a twig

There are lots of burns tumbling down the hillsides along the track

The green lochan: An Lochan Uaine, was frozen over and very high. There is usually a little beach but the bottom of the steps went straight into the water

Just out of the woods and looking back down the glen, sometimes called The Pass Of Ryvoan

Although I set off on my own I found various people, we all had our lunch in the bothy whilst nattering. This is Carin, and an instructor for a couple of guys working towards their ML certificates. They worked or volunteered with I think Discovery Quest in Norwich, helping people with mental health issues enjoy the mountains and find a little peace from their problems.

So I wasn't the only one traveling from the Flatlands to the hills!

They were off for a spot of rope work revision

Although the snow was melting quite fast, there was still plenty about

Carin and I wandered back through the woods, stopping off at the Lochan Uaine again, it was melting fast

This is such a great little walk through a beautiful glen complete with a bothy to have a spot of lunch out of rain, wind or snow.

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