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New Year Resolutions

Well here is 2015. I don't usually do new year resolutions as I always break them. Perhaps, tho, it is time to change that and try to write some down. If only as a reminder for myself.  read more ...   (01/01/15)


Something and Nothing

Hmm. Christmas 2014 is upon me. I realised I've been stabbing myself with Humira for 5 years now, as I started, according to the diary, on 22st December 2009. Funny how you get used to things when you have to. I still don't like blood tests and have to look away when they stick the needle in  read more ...   (23/12/14)


I should cocoa

Cocoa, made from the cacao bean, fermented, crushed, dried, ground up, 'dutched' and goodness what else done to it, and put into tins marked cocoa. I drink it neat, with nothing but hot water, no milk and no sugar. Au-natural. Unlike coffee where they say what its like no-one seems to give tasting notes. So here is a simple opinion type review of the three brands I currently have.  read more ...   (13/11/14)



I love watching videos people have made of their walks. There is the curiosity factor and the 'what am I going to be letting myself in for' factor too. If it's a bit dodgy I'd really like to see what it's like as I walk with Jessie the dog. I don't want to push her limits too much at a time let alone mine. It is videos that contain video of course, moving pictures, not a glorified slideshow with still photographs dissolving in the rain or sliding, panning, zooming from the left and the right alternately. That's enough to drive me bonkers.  read more ...   (30/12/12)


Wild Stripes are wild

Well, thank goodness that's christmas over with. Still got Paul's relatives to see and then new year. As I get older I seem to get more apprehensive about what is going to, or might, happen each year. A natural reaction to the rubbish dealt with this year perhaps. I reckon the person who said "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" was wrong! Anyway, I got some good pressies.   (26/12/12)




I saw a consultant way back in August about ripping out my gallbladder, as it was finally caught in the act of being inflamed. Not hearing anything for a while after I phoned his secretary. As an aside she asked if I would accept a cancellation, which I was. One came up last week so I grabbed it, metaphorically, with both hands! A week on and most of the pain has gone and just left with a little 'upper right' ache, and a few small incision scars. The worst bit, other than immediate post-op, has been the glue they used to cover or stick the last bit of the cuts. It pulled and irritated my skin a bit. So it's been picked off! Something quite therapeutic in picking scabs and the like.  read more ...   (22/11/12)


Wow, nearly a year!

That's pretty rubbish, and slightly annoying because I know how poor it looks when you find someone's blog that looks vaguely interesting only to discover it hasn't been updated in ages and perhaps they've lost interest in it. Hmmm. My excuse is that for much of the time I wouldn't have had anything interesting let alone nice to say. And really, does anyone want to read stuff that is just a tale of woe. Well, not me!  read more ...   (02/08/12)


Ingleton to Fawber

I thought it was going to rain at some point during the day, showers were forecast, but it didn't and it was warm. Unfit from being laid up for 3 months meant I was slow not that I was bothered as I had all day, I was going to use as much of it as I needed.  read more ...



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